First Time Founder

Focus on your magic, I'll help with the rest

Learn how to make better decisions

A short, easy to follow, tested, step-by-step method to help first time founders making decisions like a veteran CEO/Founder

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Stay focused on your product
get help for the rest

Your new career is a tough one. There are many new things to learn, prioritise and act upon. Without support, you will have to go throught a cycle of try, fail and consume lot of time (you don't have). With my support you will be on the fasttrack of business knowledge, with technics and tools to help you in those chaotic initial phases of your new life.

You only need
paper and post-it

First tip: keep it simple.
The tools are simple to use, understand and are bespoke for first time founders.

Each month get real life examples of how to use the help sheet